Saturday, August 20, 2016

A long time coming...

Its been along time coming & a whole lot has changed. Here I sit, 2 years after last blog post. (Holy cow! I can't believe its been 2 years!) There have been many factors that went into me taking a break from blogging,most of which I plan to get into further as I begin blogging again. For now, I will quickly catch you all up on what has happened in the past 2 years!

First off, We moved from Southern California (San Diego/ Camp Pendleton, Oceanside) to be exact, to Georgia. We began our cross country journey in March of 2014 when my Husband, who is in the Marine Corps, was assigned his new job as a Marine Corps Recruiter. In the beginning we really had no idea what lie ahead for us, other than he was assigned a new duty and we would be living in a whole new state and would yet again have to make a new house into our "home". We now reside in Brunswick, Georgia on the southern coast in the golden isles. It is absolutely beautiful here and full of southern charm, yet after nearly 3 years here I still am not used to this humidity! Its HOT y'all!
Recruiting Duty has come with many, many, MANY challenges. For those military wives reading this who have endured the same or have had a military friend on this duty, I know you get what I am saying! I will be going into more about this duty later on, about the challenges we have faced, how it has affected us as individuals and our marriage, how we have overcome the challenges and changes that come with this duty, and more on my husband's decision to, after 10 years in the Marine Corps, end his military career and soon move on to something new. My hope is to not only have military wives relate to my posts, but really anyone who is going through a difficult time in their marriage/ relationship, or big change in their life. My hope is to take you on this journey with me, be open and honest about the struggles we have faced over the past few years and hopefully help someone going through the same.

Yet another challenge that we have faced is secondary infertility.
We spent 3 years searching for answers and praying for a miracle.
I personally had serious health complications.
Together, this journey has not been easy.
After 3 years of wishing and hoping (and a little help from fertility medication) we finally were expecting, but 10 weeks later, that little heart stopped beating and our miracle became an angel in June 2015. A few months later, we were given yet another gift from above & now are happy to announce that we have another beautiful baby girl! Emmalyn Faith, born May 31, 2016.

I have been open in speaking about our infertility and loss (and on social media), which has led me to meeting many others who have endured the same.
I plan to touch more on this in future posts and share how my own loss has inspired me to create for others who hearts are aching.

Lastly, one of the main reasons I have not kept up with my blogging is that my nice DSLR camera broke awhile back and well, I just haven't replaced it. Therefore, all of my photos from the past 2 years are iPhone photos,and well, those aren't the best quality for blogging.
Very soon you will be able to see all that I have been up to in decorating our new home, which has taken me nearly 2 years to finish, and yet I still am not finished. Example: our dining room still sits empty! So get ready for a ton of decor ideas, tutorials and projects coming your way, I have a lot to catch up on!