Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet Tea & Georgia Peaches

The time has come for a new chapter in our lives... About 2 months ago we received the news that my Husband was cleared for recruiting duty, something that we have been waiting for quite some time now. Yes, we have gotten an earful of the good as well as much of the bad that recruiting duty entails, but overall we are excited for this new journey to begin. It will be a significant change, as we will be far away from any military base & will be all on our own in the "civilian world". Recruiting duty comes with its own set of challenges, just as any job in the military, but we are ready & can't wait to move to the SOUTH!

Yes, you heard right, in just about a month,

We could not be more thrilled!

The little town of Brunswick, Georgia will be our new home for the next 3 years.
Located on the southern coast of Georgia, this quaint town has everything I could ever hope for & is less than an hour outside of Savannah. I have a feeling many antique shopping weekend trips will be made!

 This next month will be full of packing many boxes & 
counting down each day until we begin our new life in the land of sweet tea & Georgia peaches
Keep checking back & follow us along the way

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Indroducing: A Monthly Craft Swap

After spending the weekend crafting a sipping tea with some very talented ladies at CREATIVE TEA TIME, an idea struck me to create a monthly craft swap! We all have so many creative talents, why not share them just for fun?! Plus, who doesn't love receiving "happy mail"?

Our monthly craft swap will work a little something like this; on the 1st of each month you will receive an email from me with information on the next month's swap theme along with details on who you will be sending your swap box to. Your swap box should include at least 3 handmade crafts (a $25 value or less) that correlate with the theme specified (vintage items & store bought gifts are also acceptable) each month you will receive a swap box surprise from a new fellow craft-a-holic. Please be sure to send out your swap box NO LATER than the 20th of EACH MONTH. Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Be CREATIVE! If you are a crafty business owner, feel free to share your work with others. Let's share our talents & get our creative juices flowing!

Below, is a photo of some ideas of next month's theme: 
MARCH“Lucky Gold”

Keeping with the St. Patty’s day theme, we decided to glam it up this month with everything GOLD! Plus, who doesn’t love a little touch of gold in their life?! A few simple ideas for crafts include: a hand lettered print, gold painted & glittered mason jar, yarn poms, glittered clothespins & hand stamped/ embellished gift tags (set of 5). Create whatever your heart desires, as long as it is GOLDEN!

The swap will run a month ahead, that way it gives you time to work on your projects. For example: You will receive an email on February 1st with details for March's theme. You will send your box out by the 20th so that the recipient will be able to enjoy it by March 1st.

The schedule will look a little something like this:
MARCH 1st: APRIL's box
APRIL 1st: MAY's box
(and so on...)

If you are interested in signing up, please email me 
What I need from you is:
(please email me before February 1st to participate in March's swap)

Looking for more craft swap ideas? 
Take a look at my Pinterest CRAFT SWAP IDEA BOARD

If you are worried about not being able to participate every month, no need to worry! When I send out emails at the beginning of each month I will ask for you to reply. I will only match up everyone who I receive a response from.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me any time
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peach, Mint & Gold Farm Fresh Birthday Party

 I am thrilled to finally be sharing my little girl's 2nd birthday party!
After celebrating her 1st birthday last year, I decided then, that each year I would come up with a unique themed party to go along with her interests and roll with it. Well, to my surprise our little two year old is into anything with wheels. Trains, Tractors, Trucks. You name it, If it has wheels and makes a noise she loves it. Not to mention her obsession with princess' & baby dolls. I am not very keen on the typical "Disney princess" party, so I started searching PINTEREST for some ideas. Nothing seemed to be what I was looking for. So then, I decided why not have a girly tractor party? I started searching for ideas yet again. All I came across were the typical John Deere parties. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted something more unique. That is when I came across a tractor invitation created by SUNNYSIDE PRINT PARTY. I asked if the colors could be customized to fit the color scheme I was hoping to go with (Peach, Mint & Gold) and Amber was more than happy to help me with my request! Finally, a theme was born!
Madisyn's 2nd Farm Fresh Birthday

For the food table, I wanted a backdrop that would catch your attention.
I would usually try to make all of the party decorations myself, but with my Daughter's birthday
being just a week after Christmas, time just slipped away from me this year.

The beautiful tissue poms were created by PROST TO THE HOST
& the gorgeous tassel garland was created by SWOON PAPER MARKET
The circle paper garland was created by myself.

For the pinata, I searched and searched. I had a specific idea in mind of what I was wanting.
The only option I came across was a beautiful pinata on Etsy, but for a hefty price of $95!
My husband might have a panic attack if I ended up spending that much on some cardboard
& tissue paper, so I created one myself.

Let me tell you... the pinata turned out exactly how I had envisioned!
Now, was it worth the 5 straight hours it took me to make it? Probably NOT.
It was a serious test of patience. 
If any of you are brave enough to attempt it, I will be posting a DIY tutorial soon.

I may have gone a little overboard with the glitter (according to my Husband, who had to help me mop the floors 3 days in a row) but I was determined to bring in touches of gold as much as possible. From the gold glittered cake toppers, to the number plaque, and the gold spray painted centerpieces. 
I was in golden heaven!

The centerpieces were as inexpensive as you can get. $2 frames from IKEA
& soup cans filled with rosemary from TRADER JOE'S.
Sprayed with KRYLON - GOLD LEAF spray paint.

The cakes were purchased from STATER BROS believe it or not!
I wasn't wanting the typical birthday cake, just something simple and classic.
I took them my request and they delivered beautifully exactly what I was wanting.

To make our little one feel like a princess, we rented a princess castle 
jump house for the day & the kiddos had a blast!