Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saying "goodbye"

"It's not goodbye, its a smile & a see you soon"

Being a Military Spouse is NEVER easy 
& watching the love of your life walk away is the hardest part of the job.

Derrick has been away 29 Palms getting ready for his deployment. Watching him walk away was so hard. I knew that he would be coming home after 6 weeks, but knowing that he would have such a limited amount of time with us once he returned home made it that much harder. Knowing that I had to start preparing myself for what was to come.

After 5 long weeks of being apart with little to no communication, I received a phone call that would change everything, "BABE, I AM NOT DEPLOYING.. I'M COMING HOME"
I was overwhelmed with happiness! This was the greatest news you could ever get as a Military Wife! But as excited as I was, I could hear the disapointment in his voice. He was devistated. He had worked so hard for this. The hours, weeks, months of training leading up to this & to have it all home to an abrupt halt. I knew to put my feelings aside and that I needed to be there for him.
I cannot get into the details, but he along with approx. 100 other Marines are to be left behind from the unit to take care of things at the Battalion building. They had over calculated how many troops that they needed for this deployment and because of Derrick's previous knee surgery he was chosen to remain back as support and to continue physical therapy.

The first week of having him back home was rough, I could tell how bad he wanted to go, and as I expected it was a huge adjustment to have to change his mind-set from "deployment" to "home life". Since then, things are all back to normal again! The guys have left and I see a much happier and relaxed side of D now. There is no telling when he will be called for duty, it could be at any moment, but for now we will cherish every moment together.

The best part of having him home so far?... Well, that was spending our first Father's day together as a family! Plus, Madisyn Grace made Daddy and Grandpa a present!

Madisyn's present for Grandpa

As June came to an end, and as we enter into July... Maddie Grace is changing weekly! She now rolls over, loves playing in her jumperoo, she has now eaten rice cereal for the very first time, tries to sit up on her own, her seahorse is still her favorite toy, she sleeps through the night & smiles all day long and is happy with just about anyone!

playing peek-a-boo

Madisyn's first day of Summer

Madisyn at a Homecoming photo shoot with Mommy

She loves her jumperaoo

Eating rice cereal for the first time

Learning to sit up! Doesn'y quite have the hang of it yet, but soon

We also have been busy around the house the past month, working hard on transforming our (un-used) dining room into a play room for Madisyn, due to the fact of her over pouring of toys taking up our living room & as she will become quite mobile in the month to come! This is just a start, but I am already loving how it is coming together

On a sad note, on June 11th we said good-bye to one of Maddie Grace's December due date buddies

Rowan Elizabeth St.Marie
December 12, 2011 - June 11, 2012

This sweet little angel was diagnosed with HLHS (a rare congenital heart defect) & sadly after many surgeries since birth lost her battle. She leaves behind her Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother, Jake (5)

Rowan, fly high sweet sparrow

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